GOD PROVIDES by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 19/05/2017

Jehovah Jireh is a name of God and means ‘Provider’. (Gen 22:14) We might ask, “How can I receive from God my Provider?”  This information is learned by the Word of God that establishes that God is good all the time.  God is ‘love’ (1Jhn 4:16) and God has given this knowledge that ‘He provides, that He is Good, and that He loves us’.  Then, why has He not provided for me after asking in prayer for my desires to be paid for?  My question to you, “Are you in a right relationship with God?”

Unanswered Prayers are the result of unrepented sin which can be the prayer itself causing one to rely on works and not faith.  However, the application of works to faith is a fine line that we must recognize, for faith without works is dead. (Jas 2:17)  Foundational truth is that God gives seed to the sower and that a seed must be sown to produce a harvest that sometimes requires care of watering and waiting. (1Cor 3:6-7)  Watering is the Word of God applied with faith.

Timing for provision can be a stumbling block for those who place their desires above the perfect timing of supply by God, whom I have heard is the God of the last minute.  The prime concern for leaders is to have finance available to finish a job. (Lk 14:30)  When God does not provide in these circumstances it is because God is doing a work in you concerning the events.  Trusting in people for supply is the stumbling block that is most common. (Pro 16:20)

West USA and Britain have not tapped into the anointing of the Holy Spirit that I call the Elisha Anointing, the double portion that we carry. (2Kngs 2:9-10)  I feel that God is sending our team of four Richard, Albert, Tony, and Me to complete the works and know the doors will be opened for us. (Mtt 7:8)  Even though I contacted the ministries of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, John Hagee, Billie Brim, and others, no invitation was received so we knock on Heaven’s door for God to supply our fares.

Devil Stole three thousand dollars outlaid for Pastor Tony in our 2016 New York trip, so now he must repay and cover our team’s 2017 trip. (Pro 6:30)  We have sown finance and prayer support into Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland for many years, so we trust God to receive this seed by faith in God who provides for our needs according to His riches in glory, by Jesus Christ. (Php 4:19)  Sow your seed to prove to God that you desire a harvest in your nation.


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